June 2016
Product Design
Chin-Ching, Teng
Felicia, Wu
Let's bring people back to kitchen!

Having a relaxing and healthy time cooking in the kitchen could be an enjoyment. Birdy is an elegant sauce bottle covered by a simple silicone ball. The ball can help us to control the sauce amount from spilling too much. With Birdy, we are having a better cooking experience.

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Target User Research
To define our target user, we did the questionnaire survey and collected datas from 65 people. The insight above helped us making personas and design decisions in the following process.

We mainly used two design methods, personas and hierarchical task analysis (HTA), to try find out the design possibilities. Based on the statistics from the questionnaire survey, we made three personas - Maria, Sindy, Ray and Iris - in order to take as the reference for making design decisions.

Hierarchical Task Analysis
We recorded the whole cooking process, and analysised the motion flow of our target user. There are mainly 6 destinations as follows: counter, sink, kitchen island, cupboard, stoves and fridge. The broken line in the picture is the relationship between time and movement. The words highlighted in red show the failures.

“Physical feel matters. We are, after all, biological creatures.” – Don Norman

From ideation to prototyping, we pushed ourselves to find the most intuitive way of usage. For instance, thinking how to open a bottle cap by a simple finger push, or finding the comforting form of the bottle for hands holding. In addition, by testing several kinds of spouts, we try to find out the shape of spout which the flow could end with no sauce dropping out of the bottle.

For final modeling, we decided to 3D print out the whole design, since it needs to be extremely precise for the mechanical part, which it is impossible to achieve by glass blowing.