June 2015
Exhibition Visual Design
Client|NCKU Dance Club
Photo © Laura Zalenga
In the Name of Dance 舞名氏
You may not know my real name, but you do know - DANCE as our name, we blossom while dancing.

2015 Dance Exhibition of NCKU Dance Club is named as “In the Name of Dance”.
Through the pun of words, it expresses that the dancers no longer dance to show their existences; instead, dancing for their love and passion.

The main visual design uses neutral colors as tone, showing the looming and the ambivalent emotion of dancers. The vague shadow of dance and the raindrops create an enthusiasm atmosphere of dancing. The font of main visual combines two Chinese characters — “Dance” and “None”. Therefore, it leaves a space for audience’s own interpretation, just like the dancers’ unspeakable love of dance.