April 2017
Product Design
Working Prototype
Co-Designer|Ying Li
Exhibited at|Milan
Salone de Mobile 2017
Salone Satellite
Overcoming the downsides of traveling

Jet lag, also called desynchronosis, is a temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems and other symptoms as a result of adapting to a different light-dark schedule following a flight to a new time zone. To minimize the symptoms of jet lag, there are several suggested strategies. For instance, one should maintain physical fitness and health, prevent dehydration by drinking water, and adjust one's schedule to the new time zone before you leave, also called a “jet lag plan”. For people suffering from jet lag, Jeggo offers a new preventative and treatment strategies. By automatically providing lighting to manage jet lag, as well as playing natural images and sounds, it is designed to solve the problem both mentally and physically.

Jeggo automatically synchronizes with the jet lag plan, which helps to adjust your body clock to the destination time, and reminds you when to avoid or absorb light through light effects mimicking sunrise and sunset. It contains a projector and a speaker to emit relaxing, abstract, natural patterns and sounds, such as rain, waves, leaves, flowers, trees, birds, and so on. By grabbing the connected controller, you can freely play with the natural lights and sounds to ease the stress and feel more relaxed.

Jeggo dissociates itself from traditional lamp styles: the linear structure and sleek reflective panel of this device result in a minimal design which blends cultural references from both East and West. By tilting the panel, you can adjust the direction of light according to your preference, triggering a personal interaction between light and viewer. The felted wool controller, designed in an oloid form, gracefully combines an elegant look with a soothing touch. Jeggo can be used either in the home or as a special service in a hotel room. The portable personal controller is easy to carry around. You can fiddle with it anytime, anywhere.

Jeggo is an attempt to alter the experience of a medical device and transform the serious treatment process into an aesthetic pleasure. It also demonstrates how people could interact with lights in different physical and experimental ways.