Close-Up Magazine

A photography magazine which brings out thought provoking stories through image creations.

Close-Up Magazine aimed to bring out thought provoking stories through great variety of image creations. The name of the magazine, Close-Up, tells two meanings from Chinese and English. As it pronounces in Chinese, it's a word coming from a Chinese idiom, which means: a straw shows which way the wind blows. As it pronounces in English, it's a photographic term, which means a photograph taken from a short distance that gives a very detailed picture. The two interpretation both perfectly convey what we want to tell through the magazine, in both photographic and literary ways.

December 2015
Client|CLOSE-UP Magazine
Category|Brand Identity, Editorial Design

My Role|Art Direction, Design Execution, Editing
Skills|Visual Design (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign)
Fish Issue
This volume features several challenging issues of fish industry - such as overfishing, bycatch and ocean floor damage - in different point of views through a series of experimental photographic creations.
Sci-Fi Movie Issue
This volume features classic sci-fi movies til now through a series of paper creations with special effects. Elsewhere in this issue, it brings out articles regarding movie shooting technique, animation and visual effect production, as well as science fiction aesthetics.
Trial Issue
This volume features the series of photographic creations, which tried to imagine a futuristic world without digital images.